Will Debt Do Us Part?

Shoutout to fellow YouTuber, Miser Junelle, for inviting Matt and I to take part in this video tag and answer some questions about relationships and money. We (clearly) had a lot of fun doing the video, and – frankly – it helped open the door for us to start planning for our financial future.

We’re not all the way there yet (baby steps, we’re not even engaged), but I’m no longer nervous about talking to Matt about it.

And, for those who are curious, morganite and moissanite are beautiful, inexpensive diamond alternatives for engagement rings.

Hope you enjoy!

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Katasha is the 20-something blogger behind broke girl rehab. While paying off $57,847 of debt, she writes about her adventures in saving money and building wealth. Holla.

2 comments on “Will Debt Do Us Part?

  1. My boyfriend & I have cohabit the last 2 years, & thinking bout marriage. From day one, I was very open bout discussing our debt. I enjoyed the video. You & Matt are adorable! & congrats on the engagement.

    • Thanks, Belle! Yes, I agree – if you’re thinking of marriage – it’s super necessary to be upfront about each other’s debt ahead of time.

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