Tiny: A Movie Review

The thing I love most about financial freedom is that – for those who have it – there is 100% control over how one chooses to live her life. Lately, I’ve been looking for narratives that evoke a spirit of human independence, which led me to the movie, Tiny: A Story About Living Small.

Tiny documents the journey of a 30 year-old millennial named Chris, who – after a lifetime of military housing and moving from place to place – finally sets out to build a home of his own. Throughout his story, we also get to see short interviews of other people living the small house dream. All in all, Chris’s house took one year to complete and cost less than $30,000 – far less than the $600,000 condos for sale in my own Southern Californian neighborhood.

A few things I loved about this movie:

1) The Low-Budget American Dream
As a woman of modest income, I love that the tiny house lifestyle has very little cost; this means that it’s do-able and, more importantly, that it’s accessible. Buying a home where I can garden, raise chickens, etc. is very important to me. But, as I see real estate values skyrocket, I often wonder – will this lifestyle ever be possible? Watching Tiny and seeing people pay for their dreams in cash – without lifelong debt servitude – has been very encouraging.

2) The Minimalist Lifestyle
Living in such a small space has forced people to live with less and let go of the idea that “stuff” can create happiness. As a result, these small house dwellers seem to live more fulfilling lives by doing what they love and reconnecting with the environment around them.

3) The Personal Stories
Unless I build a tiny house of my own, it’s not likely that I’ll meet many tiny house dwellers in the near future, so seeing these stories is like being invited to a magical new world. Seeing these stories as opened my mind to the possibilities of what can happen during my lifetime.

So, have I caught the bug?

I’m definitely open to the idea building my own tiny house, but I think it might take some coaxing for my boyfriend, Matt to get on board. It seems that Matt likes a nice, large place and he loves having stuff so I’ll need to actually convince him that living with less can lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Besides, even though a tiny house costs less than $30,000, it’s still a lot more money than I have. So, I have plenty of time to convince him as I build up a tiny house fund.

How about you? Does the idea of living in a tiny house interest you? Could you ever do it? Tell me in the comments below!

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