A Quick Update on Freelancing

I’ve earned about $50 so far from freelancing on Upwork!

No, it’s not a ton of cash, but – more than the money – the experience has validated that a) I do have the skills and ability to make money online, and b) I can produce high-quality content that’s worthy of reading. Now that I’ve actually gotten paid for my work, I think I may have caught the freelancer’s bug and I’m eager to see what other opportunities I can grab (while, at the same time, trying to remember not to spread myself too thin.)

Freelance Feedback from Client

More Freelance Feedback Client

Also – a quick shout-out to Kara, who just made the leap quit her job and freelance full-time. This girl is the epitome of hustle, and I’m constantly inspired by how much drive Kara has. If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out her blog – you may even get some fire under your own butt after watching the moves she’s putting down!

And, that’s it, everyone! Like I said, it’s a quick update. But, I’ve got some new content ideas down the pipeline, so don’t worry – I’m here. Just lurkin’. 🙂

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  1. So happy to hear you found some freelance work. You should put a ‘hire me’ page up on your blog to advertise your services. If I hear about any leads, I’ll be sure to shoot them your way. I love Kara’s blog as well and I’m so happy for her!

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