3 Lessons I Learned From My First No-Spend Challenge

One of my biggest struggles in getting out of debt is my horrible habit of overspending. It’s terrible, I hate that I do it, but honestly it’s like binge eating – sometimes I just cannot stop.

So, when I heard that my YouTube friends Maria from Modern Budget Curl and Toni from Love Daring Greatly were doing a 30-Day No Spendtember challenge, I wanted in.

So, right now I’ll share with you my results for the No Spendtember Challenge and three lessons I learned from the experience.

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Dear Wallet: Meet #NoSpendtember

I’ve had quite a few life changes this year: 2 new jobs, 1 medical emergency, 1 dental emergency, and one engagement💍. And, through it all, my net worth has taken a huge toll.

So, when I heard Maria from Modern Budget Curl was embarking on a No Spendtember challenge, I knew I wanted in.

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Debt Fatigue Sucks – Here’s How to Deal With It

When I first discovered the world of personal finance, paying off debt was actually fun.

I couldn’t wait to get paid and put down three – sometimes four – times the minimum amount of payments. (Take that, you stupid interest!)

I felt on top of the world and in control of my destiny.

But after five or six months passed, I was over it. I had a new feeling now: broke. With over $28,000 left to go, it seemed as if it would take until the end of time before I finally got rid of my debt.

As each student loan came due, I thought of everything I had to give up – music festivals, traveling, a new car, eating out. After a year of frustration, I even did the unthinkable: I got a new credit card.

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A Money Lesson From My Adventure in Tijuana

Twenty miles south of the heart of San Diego lies the heart of Tijuana – a city full of delicious food, vibrant art and culture, thriving small businesses, and, unfortunately, poverty, drug violence, and police corruption. Not wishing to spend my entire life as a close-minded American, I like to pay a visit every now and then to sharpen my world view.

This past trip did not disappoint.

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