Deciding Which Loans to Pay Off First

Hi everyone! Today, I’m doing an informative post that will hopefully help those who are struggling with getting started on paying off their debt.

If you’re not sure where to get started, I’ll quickly go over the two main schools of thought for debt repayment and discuss which strategy is probably the best for you.

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My Debt Story (Dave Ramsey Collab)

Below is a video I made to introduce everyone to my new YouTube channel. I figured the best way to go about it is to just go ahead and lay out how much debt I have.

Right now, I’m sitting on quite a bit of debt, but actually – not too long ago – I was sitting on a lot more, almost twice the amount I have now. Yes, I started Broke Girl Rehab to keep myself accountable, but also to encourage other women like me to get on top of their finances.

I’m very much a person that connects through other people’s stories and by sharing my story, I hope to inspire other women like me to use money to improve their lives in a drastic way.

So, with that – here is my version of the Dave Ramsey Collab as introduced by Jennifer from the YouTube channel, A Path to Debt Freedom.

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FinCon 2016 Review

So, last month was my very first FinCon, which is an annual conference for financial bloggers. Because this year’s conference was held in my city, I bought my ticket on a whim, and I’m very happy that I did.

Not only did I gain a lot of helpful information about blogging, but I also met a lot of new friends and was heartily welcomed into the personal finance community. Seriously, folks – FinCon is like the family reunion of a lifetime. I had such a great time that I even bought my ticket already for next year.

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Here’s to Independence

I cut my credit card up yesterday.

It felt good, to be honest. And, although it was also a bit frightening – my credit card has been my security blanket, after all – there is no denying that my financial journey has hit a rocky turn since the new card has entered my life.

So, I’m letting it go.

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