Net Worth Update: September 2016 (-$26,756.99)

Hi all!

I’m at FinCon and will post soon, but – in the meantime – just wanted to get my numbers up so I stay (somewhat) on track.

Debt June This Month Change
Student Loan A $6,709.54 $6,517.60 -$191.94
Student Loan B $3,706.16 $3,278.37 -$427.79
Student Loan C $11,406.04 $11,080.57 -$325.47
Student Loan D $3,764.00 $3,521.11 -$242.89
Student Loan E $2,788.55 $2,652.82 -$135.73
Credit Card $32.75 $1,238.34 +$1205.59
Total $28,407.04 $28,288.81 ↓ $118.23

And, here are my savings:

Assets June This Month Change
Savings $1.00 $1.00 $0
Mutual Fund $0.00 $0.00 $0
401K $594.96 $1,530.82 ↑ $935.86
Total $595.96 $1,531.82


Altogether, now:

Last Month’s Net Worth: -$27,811.08

This Month’s Net Worth: -$26,756.99

Change: ↑ $1,054.09

I want to keep myself from making judgement statements, but – if I’ve learned anything from running my numbers, it’s the importance of tracking. Ever since I let myself off the hook during these past couple of months, I see that my credit card spending has increased a lot.

Alright, ta-ta for now!

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4 comments on “Net Worth Update: September 2016 (-$26,756.99)

  1. Keep it up! Nice progress! It’ll feel awesome when you knock the next debt off the list.

  2. I love your visuals, your debt payoff is coming along nicely! Also, who doesn’t love deer? =P

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