Net Worth Update: June 2016 (-$27,811.08)

Just when you thought your girl might not make it, she pulled through with another comeback!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: I, Katasha Kay, am proud to announce that – thanks to my company’s 401K plan and my boyfriend’s confiscation of my credit card 🙂 – my net worth is finally back on track, and I am continuing the fight to quickly pay off my debt.

I’ll admit, the income change from my 401K is a bit of an adjustment (which may be why it was so hard to kick the credit card habit), but I’m slowly getting better at living below my means and, hopefully, I’ll also build my emergency fund back up soon.

Regardless, I’m really proud of myself and can’t wait to see how my journey progresses.

Anyway, here are the numbers:

Debt Last Month This Month Change
Student Loan A $6,786.44 $6,709.54 -$76.90
Student Loan B $3,790.83 $3,706.16 -$84.67
Student Loan C $11,536.75 $11,406.04 -$130.71
Student Loan D $4,121.13 $3,764.00 -$357.13
Student Loan E $2,922.61 $2,788.55 -$134.06
Credit Card $1,092.89 $32.75 -$1060.14
Total $30,250.65 $28,407.04 ↓ $1,843.61

And, here are my savings:

Assets Last Month This Month Change
Savings $1.00 $1.00 $0
Mutual Fund $0.00 $0.00 $0
401K $0.00 $594.96 ↑ $594.96
Total $1.00 $595.96


Altogether, now:

Last Month’s Net Worth: -$30,249.65

This Month’s Net Worth: -$27,811.08

Change: ↑ $2,438.57

image (3)

Looking good!


3 comments on “Net Worth Update: June 2016 (-$27,811.08)

  1. You are doing so well! Really impressed 🙂 I love seeing others debt repayment journey. Mine is sloooow.

  2. Awesome progress! Nice work.

  3. Sweet! Way to go, Katasha. Love the 401(k) enrollment. Just start preparing yourself mentally now for any future corrections. They’re going to come. One year from now? Two years? And as long as you don’t panic, and you keep investing, you’ll be fine.

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