Do You Know How Much Money You’ve Earned Over Your Lifetime?

I’m reading this new book I picked up, called Your Money or Your Life, which was on Reddit’s Recommended Reading list for FI/RE enthusiasts.

First off, what I like about this book is that – instead of being just a general introduction into the lifestyle and philosophy of frugality – it actually gives readers a practical 9-step program for financial freedom. And, so far, the first step is to make peace with the past by a) finding out how much you’ve earned during your lifetime and b) asking yourself what you have to show for it.

So, after collecting all of my tax returns I found out that – since I’ve graduated from college – I’ve earned a little under $120,000 in total.

Now, what does that even mean?

Well, when Joe (a guy the author always talks about) found out he earned over $30k at 19 years old – he was floored at how powerful of an earner he was at such a young age and pissed that he had nothing to show for it.

Me, on the other hand, I didn’t feel much at all. I was actually unimpressed, even. Of course, this may be because my current cold has left me exhausted and completely devoid of all emotion, but I’m guessing it’s because I haven’t done a good job of securing well-paying jobs.

Regardless of how much I’ve made, the fact remains that I still don’t have much to show for it at all. If I had saved even just 25% of my income, I could have $30k today rather than the measly $1,800 I have now. That could have been 20% down on a duplex, and I would be living rent-free today!

*le sigh*

So, friends – out of curiosity – I’d like to know: do you know how much money you’ve earned over your lifetime? If not, go find out! If so, how much have you kept? (Obviously, you don’t need to tell me exactly – just a vague percentage is cool.)

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